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12 Lights for Stills and Motion

April 18, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

K5600 Evolution Kit

Whether you need strobes for freezing motion, portable power for location work or continuous illumination for filmmaking, these new lights can help get the job done.


A portable continuous lighting solution for filmmakers, the Evolution Kit can be bundled with either K5600’s Joker 200 or Alpha 200 lights—or both. The Alpha 200 is a Fresnel lamp that uses HMI or Ceramic Discharge Lamps to deliver either 3,200K or 5,600K color output, depending on the lamp used. A drop-in lens will deliver a 10- to 60-degree focusing range. If you need a 90-degree output with hard shadows, you can opt for the clear Pyrex lens. The Joker 200 accepts both 200W Ceramic and HMI lamps and has a specular parabolic reflector. The kit includes an AC power supply, stands, 3,200K and 5,600K lamps, barndoors and optical accessories.

PRICE: Starts at $2,190



Profoto’s B2 is a portable flash system offering TTL metering for Nikon and Canon cameras via Profoto’s optional Air Remote. This 250 w/s flash can be used on camera, with an optional bracket, or off camera. It offers a recycle time of 1.35 seconds when shooting at full power or as quick as .03 seconds at the lowest power setting, with a quick burst option that delivers up to 20 flashes in a second. Flash output is adjustable over a range of nine f-stops in 1/10 f-stop increments with flash durations as short as 1/15,000 sec. High-speed sync (HSS) is also available up to 1/8,000 sec. There’s a 9W LED modeling light, which is equivalent to a 50W halogen source, on the flash head. The head weighs 1.5 pounds while the battery, which delivers up to 215 full power flashes, weighs in at 2.2 pounds. The B2 is sold in two main configurations. A B2-To-Go Kit bundles the flash, battery, charger, a location bag and carrying bag. A B2 Location Kit features all of the above plus an extra flash head and battery.

PRICE: $1,995 (B2-to-Go); $2,695 (B2 Location Kit)



The B6 is a battery-powered monolight delivering 600 w/s of power. It features an LED display and power control in 1/10th stop increments over a seven-stop range. You’ll enjoy up to 400 full manual flashes on a charged battery and ready access to remaining battery life on the B6’s display. It takes under five hours to recharge a battery. It uses a 5W LED modeling light. The B6 features flash durations ranging from 1/500 to 1/12,800 sec. and recycle times from .05-4.3 seconds, depending on power level. It offers HSS capabilities when using a Nikon or Canon transmitter. A stroboscopic mode lets you choose between 5, 10 or 15 flashes per second. It has a built-in optical slave and a 2.4GHz wireless triggering system. Up to six separate groups of lights can be controlled with 16 user-selected channels per group. The Baja B6 accepts standard Bowens lighting accessories.

PRICE: $749



The Lumo LP180R continues the trend of adding radio receivers to off-camera flash units. In this case, the LP180R has both Phottix Odin and Strato II Multi receivers built in, to allow remote triggering using Phottix Odin or Strato transmitters, without an external receiver. The internal receivers also provide remote control over power and zoom, plus TTL metering with Canon and Nikon cameras when using the Odin transmitter. You can sync your camera to the LP180R through the hot shoe, miniphone, PC sync port or optical slave sync. The flash features TTL, Manual and Multi modes—the latter for a stroboscopic effect. Canon and Nikon users can use the LP180R’s TTL controls in 1/3 stop increments from -3EV to +3EV. When shooting in manual mode, you can set power from 1/128th to full in 1/3 stop increments. The flash has a guide number of 110 and a recycle time of four seconds at full power or as fast as a second at full power when using the high voltage battery input.

PRICE: $230




The Wistro 600 is a battery-powered strobe set to hit the States later this year. It delivers 600 w/s of flash output and uses a removable lithium ion battery good for up to 500 full powered flashes before needing a recharge. The AD600 delivers recycle times ranging from .01-2.5 seconds, depending on power output, with power controllable in 1/3 stop increments across a three-stop power range. Flash durations span from 1/220-1/10,000 sec. It features both TTL and HSS with a Canon and Nikon radio receiver built inside. Using the X1 transmitter you can control the AD600 from up to 300 feet away. It will be sold in both a Godox or Bowens mount option. It has both a PC sync port and 3.5mm sync port and a micro USB port for firmware updates.

PRICE: $549



There are plenty of waterproof lights catering to action cam shooters, but few are as capable as the Lume Cube. Housed in a 1.5-inch cube (what else?) that’s waterproof to a depth of 100 feet, the light delivers 1,500 lumens of illumination at 1 meter. The light has ten brightness settings and will last for roughly 45 minutes at full power or two hours at half power. The Lume Cube can also be used as a flash—it has an optical sensor to serve as a slave to a camera flash. You can pair your Android or iPhone to the light via Bluetooth to control flash duration, power settings and more. You can control up to 100 Lume Cubes simultaneously from the app.  It sports a ?-20 mount on the base.

PRICE: $80



Interfit Photographic’s S1 is a 500 w/s strobe with a built-in battery that supports HSS and TTL for Canon and Nikon cameras. The S1’s interchangeable lithium ion battery is good for up to 350 full power flashes in either manual or TTL modes and up to 400 full power flashes when shooting in HSS mode. The S1 weighs 6.3 pounds with battery included. You can also run the flash off of AC power thanks to the included multi-voltage AC adapter. The flash works with an optional remote for Canon and Nikon cameras ($100) to enable TTL metering. The S1 has a 7-stop power range which is adjustable in 1/10th stop increments when shooting in TTL mode with +/- 3 stops of exposure compensation and the ability to manual adjust the flash within 1/3 stop. When shooting in manual mode, the S1 is controllable in 1/10th stop increments with access to HSS mode for shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec. Flash durations clock in at 1/1,000 sec. at full power and down to 1/9,000 sec. at minimum power. Interfit says the S1 maintains a consistent 5700K (+/-100K) color temperature throughout the power range. Interfit will also sell a version of the S1, the S1a, that only runs off of AC power for $600. Additional batteries for the S1 will set you back $200.

PRICE: $1,000


FJ Westcott Flex LED Peter Hurley Edition

Working with headshot impresario Peter Hurley, FJ Westcott has assembled a lighting kit using the company’s Flex LEDs to help you achieve Hurley’s signature high-key headshots. It includes two daylight-balanced 1X2-foot Flex mats with digital dimmers, power adapters and cords as well as two daylight-balanced 1X3-foot Flex mats with adapters, dimmers and cords. The kit also includes four modular Scrim Jim Cine frames plus the required cables, mounts and diffusers—all bundled together in a wheeled travel case. The Flex LEDs are daylight balanced at 5,600K and offer a CRI value of 95. They’ll deliver 20,000 Lux at one meter and are fully dimmable from 5-100 percent power. The virtue of the Flex LEDs (whether bundled in the Hurley kit or sold separately) is that they can be bent and folded. They’re also water resistant and very light weight, so they can go anywhere.

PRICE: $5,500



The L10’s 10-inch LED Fresnel can cast light from a 15- to a 50-degree angle. Color temperature, tint and hue are all continuously adjustable from 2,800K to 10,000K. You can also tune the green/magenta point. The L10 is housed in a durable aluminum fixture and weighs in between 42.5 and 45.6 pounds, depending on the model. You’ll enjoy high quality illumination, with a CRI value above 95 when in the 3,200-6,500K color temperature range. It can be remotely controlled via DMX. You can dim the lights from 0-100 and ARRI says the LED will last up to 50,000 hours. It’s available in stand-mounted, hanging or pole-operated versions.

PRICE: $4,960 (stand mount)



Broncolor’s new FT parabolic lighting system offers a little something for everyone. It uses a dimmable and adjustable focusing rod to spread light throughout a parabolic reflector. The continuous light (available in either 1,600 w HMI or 2,000 w Tungsten heads) is adjusted using a series of interchangeable focus tubes that sit inside the umbrella. You can choose a softer, wider diffusion or a more focused, spotlight-style beam simply by sliding the focusing rods. For the still photographer, the dimmable, flicker-free performance of the HMI FT1600 aids high-speed exposures. The HMI’s color rendering index scores a high 95, so color accuracy is assured. Four of Broncolor’s parabolic reflectors will work with the new focusing rods and lights, including two new reflectors developed specifically for the system.

PRICE: $3,500-$6,200



This powerful-yet-portable package delivers 360 w/s of power with built-in TTL metering for Canon and Nikon cameras via the Phottix Odin. It also offers manual and strobo modes, second curtain sync and HSS up to 1/8000 sec. shutter speeds. You can adjust the Indra360’s power over 8 stops from 1/128th to full power in 1/3 stop increments. The flash uses a small, portable Li-ion battery good for up to 350 flashes at full power and can also connect to an AC adapter for studio use. Recycle times clock in at between 0.1-1 seconds using AC power and 0.1-5 seconds when drawing from the battery pack.

PRICE: $999



This 360 w/s bare bulb strobe can be used on or off camera with TTL metering for either Canon or Nikon cameras. It features exposure bracketing, HSS and remote manual control. It can also be used as Master/Slave controller via ETTL or iTTL optical signals. The StreakLight TTL also features a built-in R2 radio system for manual or TTL control of other R2-enabled units or TTL flashes mounted on an R2 receiver (sold separately). It also supports group control, ratio control in TTL and TTL ratio and manual control for three-light setups. With more than 30 channels and a range of 300-plus feet, you have the freedom to move about.

PRICE: $490


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