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Adorama Intros New Canon-Friendly Flash Lineup

February 8, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Adorama has a new house brand that’s taking aim at Canon photographers with the first ever monolight that’s compatible with Canon’s RT radio technology. The new Orlit brand will also include a speed light and a transceiver.

Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL

Canon users can use the 600EX-RT as a master and the Orlit RT610 as the slave.

The RT 610 TTL has a guide number of 201 feet at ISO 100 and manual levels from full to 1/256 power with adjustable in 0.1 stop increments. You’ll get about 450 full-powered shots on a single battery charge.

Additional features include:

  • HSS
  • 2.3 sec. recycling time at full power
  • 20 watt, 3200K  LED modeling lamp
  • 5 groups and 16 channels
  • optical and sync cord triggering
  • user-selectable second curtain sync
  • mini USB port for firmware updates
  • Bowens mount.

The Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight will set you back $700.

Orlit RT-600C TTL Speedlite for Canon

This Canon RT/ETTL wireless radio-compatible speedlight transmits to both the Canon RT radio and optical systems. It can act as a master to up to five independent groups or a slave unit for remote power control. It has a Guide Number of 160 feet at ISO 100 (at 200mm zoom).

The flash head rotates 180 degrees in any direction and tilts over 90 degrees. The head zooms automatically or manually from 20-200mm and has a holder to place color balancing gels in front of the flash head.

Like the Orlit Rovelight, the Orlit RT 600C user interface features a clear LCD display and is firmware upgradeable.

The RT-600C TTL will cost $170.

Orlit TR-611C (Canon) TTL Transceiver & Orlit TR-612N (Nikon) TTL Transceivers

These hot shoe transceivers feature TTL, HSS and boast a 980 foot reach. They can adjust the exposure for the Orlit Rovelight RT610 TTL Monolight. The Canon TR-611C adds control over the Orlit RT600C Speedlite. Both feature an LCD display and a USB port for firmware upgrades.

Additional features include:

  • 3 groups
  • hot shoe and sync cable triggering
  • first and second curtain sync

The Orlit TR-611C & TR-612N TTL will retail for $70 a piece.

Adorama says it’s working on a smartphone app for Orlit to enable remote control via a smartphone though there’s been no word yet on when the app will be released.