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Broncolor Adds Battery-Powered Strobes to Siros Family

May 17, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

Broncolor is cutting the cord on its Siros moonlight, adding new models to the family that offer built-in batteries so that photographers can work beyond the reach of a power outlet.

The new Siros L lights, like the original Siros series (which we reviewed here) will be available in 400 and 800 w/s versions. Both will have a removable lithium-ion battery good for 440 full power flashes on the 400w/s light or 220 on the 800 w/s version. Batteries recharge in 70 minutes. Neither flash appear to work with an AC adapter, so you’re on battery power only. Extra batteries cost $289.

Each flash has a 9-stop power range with 1/10-stop adjustments. The 400 L offers flash durations as fast as 1/6,200 sec. (t0.1) at its lowest power setting up to 1/400 sec. at full power. Recycle times range from .04-1.9 seconds in eco mode to .03-1.2 in normal mode.

The 800 L offers t.01 flash durations from 1/4,400 sec. at lowest energy to 1/250 sec. at full power. Recycling times range from .05–4.3 seconds in eco mode and .03-2.7s in normal mode.

Like the original Siros, the L series will offer Wi-Fi for remote control via an Android or iOS device. You can also trigger the flash using the RFS 2.1 transmitter, sync port and optical slave. 

Additional features include:

* USB port for firmware updates

* 25-watt LED modeling lamp (3200K)

* 5500K external flash tube

* compatibility with Broncolor light modifiers 

The Siros 400L is available now for $2,053 and ships in July. The 800 L is also available for pre-order now for $2,347.