Lighting Equipment

Fotodiox PopSpot: A Soda Can-Sized Fresnel

March 9, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Fotodiox is releasing an ultra-portable LED fresnel. The PopSpot–so named because of the diminutive, soda can-like dimensions of the light–has an beam that’s adjustable from 55 to 25 degrees and removable barn doors.

The 5600K light runs off of AC power and also works with an optional battery pack. It is dimmable from 10-100 percent and features a slot for a slide-in tungsten filter. It has a Color Rendering Index score of >95.

The light delivers 5,400 lux at 25 degrees and 2,258 when focused at 55 degrees.

The PopSpot ships with barn doors, a ball head mount and carrying case for $275.

A kit with a battery pack that includes a pair of batteries will set you back $400.