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Object of Desire: Fiilex C360/5 Pro Plus LED Lights

December 21, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

The Fiilex C360/5 Pro Plus LED Light.

The first Fiilex LED designed to fit standard pipe clamps, Fiilex’s new C360 series LED fixtures are easy to mount in your studio. Both models in the line are DMX controllable (remote sold separately). They’re fully dimmable from 0 to 100 percent without flicker and they can maintain a CRI of 95+ at any intensity. Color temperature is adjustable from 2800-6500K. There’s an OLED display for light settings. The 360 accepts magnetic modifiers such as a Fresnel lens, snoot, dome diffuser and honeycomb grid with lock-down screws to keep modifiers in place. It consumes 85W of power—comparable to a 350W tungsten bulb. The 365 (pictured) is a 5-inch Zoom Fresnel with a beam that can be focused down to 12 degrees or used as a flood with a 31 degree spread. The 365 outputs 2083 Lux at 3 meters when used at 12 degrees.

PRICE: $995 (C360); $1,295 (C365)

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