Lighting Equipment

Object of Desire: Kinotehnik Practilite 602

August 17, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

For small crews or solo operators on a video shoot, hands and attention are always at a premium. Kinotehnik’s Practilite 602 is designed to ease some of the stress with a compact but powerful lighting solution controllable via smartphone. The Practilite features Bluetooth and smartphone app that controls the light’s brightness and beam angle, from 15–80 degrees. The light uses a 3.2-inch 80mm Fresnel lens to send a concentrated beam of LED light at your subject, exceeding the range of conventional LED fixtures. It has a variable color temperature from tungsten to daylight so you can tune the output to match a range of environments. Kinotehnik promises flicker-free performance and a Color Rendering Index value between 90–93. The AC-powered Practilite comes with a universal umbrella mount and 5/8-inch socket. It’s also compatible with 4-inch studio head light modifiers from Profoto and Broncolor, among others. Forged from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Practilite ships with its own barn doors, but speed ring insert adapters for softboxes are sold separately.

Price: $750


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