Lighting Equipment

Object of Desire: LumoPro LP605M

November 19, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Multitasking is our modern imperative, wielding as much influence on photographic gear as it does on our personal and office lives. The LP605M is your photographic multitasker. One minute, it’s a light stand for off-camera flashes. The next minute, it’s a monopod for your DSLR or mirrorless camera. As a monopod, the LP605M can support up to 5 pounds of camera and lens. It extends from a minimum height of 24.8 inches to a maximum height of 6.4 feet. The monopod features a fluid chamber with adjustable tension for locking your camera in place or panning smoothly during video shots. When you’re ready to illuminate your scene, simply retract the monopod’s feet. As a light stand, the LP605M can extend from its minimum height of 19.5 inches up to 7.5 feet. Built-in ground spikes can be used to secure the stand on uneven surfaces. The stand’s legs can also flatten when extended to bring the light lower to the ground. When you’re done, the legs will fold tight against the stand’s center column for a slim, transportable profile. The LP605M’s aluminum build weighs in at a very portable 3.6 pounds. The monopod feet are made of aluminum and have rubberized ends. The LP605M features a standard 5/8-inch mount on top with a 3/8-inch thread and includes a platform mounting adapter and a 3/8-to1/4-20-inch adapter.

PRICE: $80  


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