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Object of Desire: Manfrotto LYKOS Bicolor LED

March 4, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

The LYKOS promises high quality illumination in a compact package, thanks to its surface-mounted LED design. You’ll enjoy illumination up to 1,500 Lux at 1 meter (daylight) with a Color Rendering Index value of ≥93. The LED panel uses a lens design to improve color accuracy, and offers a selectable color temperature of 3,000K or 5,600K. On the rear of the LYKOS is a color display that provides access to key settings such as dimming levels, remaining battery life and color temperature. You’ll be able to dim the LYKOS from 0-100 percent brightness manually or via Bluetooth wireless control from an iPhone if you spring for the $100 Bluetooth dongle. The LYKOS Lights app also lets users set color temperature and control groups of lights at once. Owners of Manfrotto’s Digital Director will also be able to remotely control a LYKOS via Bluetooth straight from the Digital Director iOS app. The light is powered by an L-Type lithium ion battery or an AC adapter (included) and features a tripod socket for mounting. At just north of a pound, the LYKOS won’t weigh down your gear bag. A diffusion gel is also included in the box, but if you need a bit more diffusion you can pick up a collapsible soft box for $50 that reduces light output by 1.3 f-stops.

PRICE: $515


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