Lighting Equipment

Object of Desire: Relio

March 20, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Relio promises to deliver a serious dose of high-quality lighting from a small cube that can fit in your pocket. Using a process called total internal reflection, which leverages optics to collect and direct LED light toward a focus point, Relio eliminates the dreaded “green spill” that can occasionally wash over LED lit subjects. You’ll enjoy 200 lumens of white-light output that scores a 92 on the color rendering index, so product photographers can be confident of color accuracy when illuminating their subjects. Relio is capable of delivering 500 lux at 100 cm or up to 21,000 lux at 30 cm. You can adjust the beam angle to achieve either a 14-degree spot or a 33-degree flood. A PMMA clear mask is also included so you can place colored gels in front of the light. Forged from anodized aluminum and sandblasted by hand, Relio weighs just 0.17 pounds and measures 35mm cubed. It draws power from a micro USB port so you can run it off of other electronics or a USB power pack. You can mount it to a light stand via a standard 1/4-20 thread. There are several versions of the light to choose from, depending on your color temperature needs: There are 3000K, 3500K and 4500K models. Relio hails from Italy, so you’ll have to tack on international shipping when ordering from the U.S. 

Price: €69 (about $85)


Editor’s note: Since this issue went to press, the first batch of Relio lights has sold out. Visit to sign up for updates on the Relio product line.