Lighting Equipment

Objects of Desire: Fotodiox Flapjacks LED Edgelight

January 16, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

If you need a versatile LED lighting solution, check out Fotodiox’s Flapjacks. These lights offer an array of LEDs on the outer edge of the light’s frame and direct the output towards a diffuser for a softer effect. While it’s not recommended as breakfast food, these Flapjacks can be stored in a camera or messenger bag, measuring just 0.5 inches at their thinnest. They’re light enough to be mounted anywhere, including tripods, an accessory shoe, or from any surface using Velcro or tape. The lights are dimmable from between 10–100-percent power, with a consistent color temperature of 5600K. The series will have an output range of 245–300 Lux/M. You’ll have the option to power them via AC or from an NP-F style rechargeable battery (included) so you can use them on-camera, off-camera or even within your frame without tripping over wires. A backlit LCD monitor displays the remaining battery life and light-output levels. There are four Flapjacks lights in all; two circular models with 7- and 10-inch diameters and two rectangular lights measuring in at 8×5 and 11×4.25 inches. All the lights will ship with a custom-fitted hard case. 

Price: Starting at $200