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Profoto’s B10 Is an Ultra-Compact, Battery-Powered Strobe

September 12, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Profoto’s newest battery-powered strobe is the company’s first to offer remote control via a mobile device using Bluetooth.

The compact B10 can be controlled using the free Profoto app (iOS), which affords control over all of the light’s settings. The app has a pair of beta features that let you preview a scene using your phone’s camera and make lighting adjustments that are visible in real-time.

You can control up to three B10s from a single phone.  The app will also deliver firmware updates to the B10 over the air (there’s also a USB-C port on the B10 for firmware).

Profoto B10 App

The B10 delivers 250 W/s of flash output with power adjustable over a 10 stop range. Recycling times clock in between .05-2 sec. The B10 supports TTL metering and HSS and works with Profoto’s Air remotes.

The flash features an LED modeling light with adjustable color temperature (3000-6500K) that’s dimmable from 10-100 percent.  The LED has a maximum output of 2,500 Lumens and a CRI of 90-96.

The B10 is powered by a lithium ion battery good for up to 400 full power flashes or 75 minutes worth of full-powered LED lighting. Have we mentioned that it’s compact? The B10 weighs in at 3.3 pounds and is just shy of 7 inches long. It’s compatible with Profoto’s OCF modifiers.

The B10 ships in November for $1,595. It is available for pre-order now.