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PhotoPlus Expo 2017: Rotolight Gives AEOS LED Light Wireless Powers Thanks to Elinchrom

October 25, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Rotolight is adding a 2.4GHz HSS wireless flash receiver to its AEOS LED light thanks to a previously-announced collaboration with Elinchrom.

The receiver will let users wirelessly control the color temperature and brightness of up to 10 AEOS lights. Lights can be placed into four groups and controlled from a distance of up to 656 feet using the new Rotolight HSS transmitter. The transmitter will also be able to trigger Rotolight’s NEO 2 LED.

Like the NEO, the AEOS works as both a continuous light and a flash. It now offers high speed sync capability (1/8000 sec.). The AEOS has no recycling time when used in flash mode.

It delivers 5750 lux of light output at 3 feet with a CRI of 96. You’ll get about three hours worth of battery life on a single charge.

When used as an LED, it can deliver several lighting effects such as replicating the flicker of a fire, the soft blue glow of a TV or the pop of a paparazzi flash.

The AEOS is available now for $995. Its compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic. Fuji support is coming soon.