Sayonara Sandbags: StandDaddy Lets You Use Gym Weights Instead

June 19, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Sandbags aren’t the most glamorous of photo accessory, but they’re often essential to balance and/or weigh down C-stands and tripods lest they get toppled.

The StandDaddy is an alternative to the sandbag that uses off-the-shelf weight plates (the kind you would toss around at the gym–if you went to the gym). Simply slide the weight plate onto the leg of your tripod or C-stand and then slide the StandDaddy clamp behind it, tighten the StandDaddy’s screw with your fingers and voila, sandbag-free stabilization.

The unit has a 1-inch diameter hole that should slide over most tripod and C-stand legs. Most weigh plates similarly have a 1-inch hole in the center. The company is also readying a larger version with a 2-inch diameter hole to accomodate larger c-stands and also Olympic-size weights that have a 2-inch hole at the center.

Unlike sandbags, the StandDaddy lets you move weight up and down your tripod and also allows for easier counter weights on boom poles. According to the company, the StandDaddy won’t scratch or otherwise impair your tripod or C-stands

The StandDaddy has a lifetime warranty and is forged from high-tensile strength composite materials. A single 1-inch StandDaddy costs $10 and a four-pack will set you back $35. Pricing hasn’t been set on the 2-inch models.

Via: No Film School