Lighting Techniques

Art Streiber on Why Sharing Knowledge and Techniques Openly Benefits Him—and Photography

November 28, 2017

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© Nicol Biesek

Art Streiber and his assistants on set during a recent shoot. Streiber often posts photos on Instagram showing and explaining his lighting techniques and praising his assistants, who he says he’s always learning from. “My photo assistants are working for the top photographers around the world,” says Streiber. “You’re foolish not to listen to the input of experienced crew.”

In our article on shooting group portraits, Chris Patey says he learned much of what he knows about making group portraits by assisting Los Angeles photographers such as Joe Pugliese and Art Streiber, who have photographed ensembles for entertainment, editorial and commercial clients. Patey says he uses a lighting technique he learned from Streiber to create even light on each...

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