Lighting Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Photographing “Crisis Moments” for AARP the Magazine

May 25, 2017

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© Brent Humphreys

To create an image of a car crashing into a river for AARP the Magazine, Brent Humphreys composited separate photographs of a bridge and a car. Click to see behind the scenes photos from Humphreys's AARP shoots and more photos for other editorial clients.

Client: AARP the Magazine Design director: Todd Albertson Photo editors: Caitlin Peters, Marisa Zanganeh Imagine yourself confronted with a crisis, where quick thinking can save your life and panic can be deadly. That was an assignment that AARP the Magazine gave Brent Humphreys. The creative director and photo editor asked the photographer to suggest ideas on how he could illustrate five...

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