Lighting Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Using Hard and Soft Light for Subjects Light and Dark

November 24, 2016

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© Dwight Eschliman

For a story on how easy it is to make an untraceable firearm, Dwight Eschliman had to expose for both shiny metal components and matte black pieces that required more light. He used a large source overhead and diffused grids on the left. An additional source near the front added subtle highlights.

Client: WIRED Photo editor: Sarah Silberg Art director: Raul Aguila For a recent story for WIRED, Dwight Eschliman was called upon to illustrate a frightening application of 3D printing technology: the production of an untraceable rifle. Writer Andy Greenberg showed that nearly all components of an AR-15 can easily be ordered online. The one part that is regulated and stamped...

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