Lighting Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Justin Fantl’s Still Life With Fleeing Cat

February 18, 2015

By Holly Stuart Hughes


For each spread he shot, Fantl used a Mole Richardson on a megaboom, and then bounced more tungsten lights into V-flats around the set for fill. To capture the skittish cat, he also brought in a strobe. As he composed and previewed the shot, he had the pink number “8:00,” referring to the dinner hour, displayed on the monitor.

Client: WIRED Photo Editors: Paloma Shutes and Julia Sabot In his personal work, photographer Justin Fantl often constructs studies of shapes and colors. The editorial and commercial clients who hire him to shoot still lifes of everything from clothes to sleek, high-tech gadgets have described his style as “clean,” “graphic,” “playful,” “cheeky” and “surreal,” he says. On a recent assignment...

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