Lighting Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Mimicking Sunlight for an Interior Shot

August 7, 2014

© Alec Hemer

Hemer’s goal was to draw the eye from the foreground to the product and then toward the girl sitting on the floor, capturing a sense of motion around the girl running. The set was illuminated with a 1.2K HMI bounced towards the back and left, and two carefully placed strobes.

Client: Crate and Barrel Art Director: Debi Kogan Commercial assignments for furniture and bedding have to strike a balance between the believable and the aspirational, says New York photographer Alec Hemer. “It’s always my goal to make it look real and inviting,” says Hemer, who shoots interiors for magazines such as House Beautiful and Country Living and advertising for West Elm, Macy’s, Home Depot,...

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