Lighting Techniques

How I Got That Shot: Tal Roberts Captures Free Skier Trick At Dusk

January 29, 2016

By Interview Holly Stuart Hughes

© Tal Roberts

Tal Roberts captured Karl Fostvedt taking off from the right-side of a jump built by hand. The lighting set-up allowed him to freeze the action while he shot at a slow shutter speed to expose the sky at dusk the way he wanted. “People ask, ‘Where did you find a lake to build the jump on?’ I say, well, we kind of made the lake,” says Roberts, who held a small shaving mirror under his lens.

PUBLICATION: Forecast Ski Magazine When outdoor photographer Tal Roberts collaborates with skateboarders and skiers to make images he can license to the athletes’ sponsors, or his commercial and editorial clients, he strives to make photos that look spectacular. “You want to show what the athlete is doing in the best way possible, and do justice to how difficult or stylish...

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