Lighting Techniques

On Lighting Styles: Holly Andres Breaks Down Her Painterly Approach

November 14, 2017

By Brienne Walsh

© Holly Andres

For a shoot on a recent multi-city fashion story for New York magazine, Holly Andres hung lights from the ceiling and hid them behind drapes to light a Texas interior. “Her lighting is very cinematic, and that is part of what attracted me to her,” says Jody Quon, who hired Andres for the job.

Holly Andres approaches lighting with the eye of a painter. “I studied painting, and I look through the lens like a painter,” she says. “I oftentimes shoot on a tripod. I’m considering all the entirety of the frame and looking at the way the positive form interacts with the negative space.” She creates dramatic imagery on location, and while she...

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