Manfrotto’s New KLYP Gear Aims to Boost iPhone Photography

May 6, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

Manfrotto has updated its line of KLYP iPhone photography accessories with an eye toward owners of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
The new KLYP+ accessories include a redesigned case, an LED light and a Pixi mini tripod. There are also several interchangeable lenses for iPhones, including a fisheye ($30), 1.5X telephoto, 3X telephoto ($50), wide-angle and macro, super wide-angle and polarizer ($50).
The cases not only protect your iPhone but serve as a rail system for the LED and accessory lenses. The case has a built-in kickstand that doubles as a 1/4-inch thread for attaching to the Pix mini tripod or other tripods. The cases are available in red, pink, white and black for $25.
The LED is capable of casting a 60-degree beam with an output of 225 lumens. Manfrotto says the CRI Index of the light is roughly 80 percent. It’s dimmable over three stops and recharges via USB. The light, with case, will sell for $80.
A Deluxe Kit, for $125, will include the case, light, fisheye lens and 3X telephoto lens. Another kit will include just the case and mini tripod for $45.
Beyond the new hardware, Manfrotto has also tweaked the user interface and functionality of its free KLYPapp+ iOS app, adding more post-processing options.