MoVI M10 Camera Stabilizer Finally Goes On Sale

December 11, 2013

One of the most hyped imaging products of 2013 has finally gone on sale. The Seattle-based Freefly Systems has announced that its MōVI M10 camera stabilizer is now in stock and ready for immediate shipping. The device uses a gyro-stabilized, 3-axis gimbal system to help keep video tracking shots looking smooth as silk, even when the camera operator is moving quickly.

The MōVI M10 is designed to let you handhold camera packages of up to 12 pounds. Cameras supported by the M10 include the Red Epic, Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 1DC, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Pricing for the M10 varies depending on the particular set-up. For more info, visit Freefly Systems’ MōVI page.

More details in the press release below.


MōVI M10 Handheld Stabilizer Now in Stock for Immediate Shipping

Seattle, Washington: December 10, 2013—Freefly Systems, the innovative designer and manufacturer of handheld and aerial camera stabilization systems, has substantially increased the manufacturing volume of their groundbreaking MōVI gyro-stabilized 3-axis gimbal system due to overwhelming demand. The company now has MōVI M10 units available in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

Top cinematographers to action shooters are burning up blogs worldwide over the new range of moves that MōVI enables. DP Alex Buono, who uses MōVI for the Saturday Night Live film unit, explains that when you pick up the MōVI rig, “you suddenly get a rush of ideas for shots that are otherwise so hard to pull off…what you do with it will only be restrained by your creativity.”

Photographer/director/DP Vincent Laforet adds, “When you get MōVI in your hands and run, drive or fly, you see your clumsiness and bumps turned into a near perfect trajectory – thanks to Freefly’s insanely fascinating camera stabilization technology.”

The MōVI features Freefly’s proprietary and highly advanced control software/hardware and 3-dimensional navigation avionics providing smooth stabilization and acceleration correction. Designed to handhold camera packages up to 12 pounds/5.4kg, MōVI M10 supports cameras including the RED Epic, Canon 5D/1DC, and Blackmagic Cinema.

MōVI operates both in single operator mode, where the cameraperson self-steers the camera panning and tilting, as well as dual operator mode by using the included remote controller, wherein a remote operator has the same camera-steering control over a wireless connection. In addition, MōVI can automatically adjust the roll axis to maintain a level horizon line, and can also be preset to a Dutch camera angle. A Bluetooth connection further allows the camera operator to tune and personalize any of MōVI’s gimbal response parameters.

The MōVI M10 package includes the M10 Gyro Stabilizer, wireless transmitter system, docking stand, batteries and battery charger. Visit to see behind-the-scenes videos and to get ordering information including the expanding MōVI network of top professional dealers worldwide.