Object of Desire: Logitech Craft Keyboard

December 22, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Yes, keyboards are rather dull, but they’re also central to just about every digital thing we do in the modern world. While you can drop money on specialized editing bays and gizmos like Palette, Logitech’s new Craft Keyboard hits the sweet spot between those highly specialized devices and a general-purpose (read: boring) keyboard. The centerpiece of the Craft is its touch-sensitive aluminum input dial, dubbed the Crown, to access context-specific functions such as the brush size or brightness value in your program of choice. What’s more, the Crown dial “knows” what program you’re working in, so you don’t have to prep it beforehand. If you tap the Crown, you can change what function it controls in the program you’re using. The Crown is programmed using the free Logitech Options software. The keys are not only backlit, they light up as your hands approach and adjust their brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. It’s a wireless keyboard that recharges via USB-C and is Mac and Windows compatible, though some Crown functions in Microsoft products (PowerPoint, Excel and Word) are only enabled on Windows PCs as of this writing.

PRICE: $299

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