Object of Desire: Ponte Leather Camera Lift-Strap

August 4, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

The Camera Lift-Strap is one of those ideas that’s so obvious, after you see it you’re surprised no one ever thought of it before. (Maybe someone did; for the record, we haven’t exhaustively researched this.) The Lift-Strap alleviates neck strain by shifting the weight of your camera to a backpack (not included). The Lift-Strap has a tiny clasp in the center that you can attach to the top of your backpack. This way, the weight of your camera is re-distributed to your backpack and not your neck. Two versions of the strap are made from leather, while four others are made of 100 percent cotton with weather-resistant nylon stitching. Both feature solid brass components with anti-oxide finishes. The leather straps are sold in solid black or black with red trim. The canvas straps are available in blue, red, light blue and burnt orange.

PRICE: $59 (leather); $37 (canvas)

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