Object of Desire: Belly-Bean Mobile Workstation

April 9, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Avid skateboarder Michael Rice has never really been a fan of desks. In fact, when he was a kid, his parents and teachers found it near impossible to keep him seated at a desk, and he carries his aversion with him to this day.

That’s why Rice created the Belly-Bean, a sort of “anti-desk” that actually looks suspiciously like the deck of an oversize skateboard. The first one he created suited Rice’s needs just fine by providing an ergonomic, mobile workstation that didn’t leave him feeling tied down.

Pretty soon, his friends and relatives started asking for their own lap desks. While this was fun and flattering for Rice, each Belly-Bean had to be made by hand so he decided to open his own business selling his non-desks.

We caught up with him at his booth at this year’s CES where laptop users were clamoring to try out the Belly-Bean, which, because it’s built from wood with EVA foam on back, keeps your lap cool when your notebook computer heats up. The foam also prevents the Belly-Bean from sliding off your lap.

Belly-Beans are made from 100 percent hard rock maple and weigh a little less than four pounds. They’re available in white, black and natural, and there’s room on either side for a mouse, notebook and pens.

Now all Rice has to do is figure out a way to put a set of detachable wheels on a Belly-Bean, and you can use it for your daily commute.

Price: $49