Object of Desire: Billingham Photo Eventer

February 25, 2014

By Dan Havlik

The Billingham Photo Eventer is one of the classiest camera bags I’ve ever tried out. Sure, there are lots of photo bags out there that might turn a few heads—especially amongst fellow photographers—but the Photo Eventer is the first satchel I’ve rocked that draws compliments from perfect strangers. “Is that a …? Is that a …?,” they ask and I just nod my head knowingly, and say, “Why yes, it’s a Billingham.” The thing is, most non-photographers might not know a Billingham from a Birkin but they do recognize understated, good looks when they see them. And the Photo Eventer is made from high-quality materials including grain leather on the bottom quarter of the bag, along the top and sides, and for the buckled closure straps. It’s also got plenty of room for photo gear, with forest-green, padded dividers inside, letting you fit two digital SLR bodies, along with a relatively long zoom (I fit a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens in the bag I tested). The Photo Eventer has two big pockets in front for photo accessories and a zip pocket in back to slide in a tablet computer. To prevent water from creeping in, the bag features a layer of polypropylene sandwiched between its outer and inner fabric, including in the leather trim areas. The bag is available in only one color scheme but it’s the only one you’ll ever want: khaki canvas with tan leather trim.

Price: $648


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