Object of Desire: Bird Photo Booth

December 28, 2012

One of the most difficult things about bird photography is finding the right fine-feathered subjects. But what if the birds came to you instead of you looking for them? That’s the thinking behind a clever device called the Bird Photo Booth, which is a bird feeder that remotely snaps close-up photos of winged visitors.

The Bird Photo Booth is designed to look like a classic Polaroid Land camera from 1950s but open the front of this hardwood feeder, and there’s a spot to place an iPhone, iPod Touch or GoPro camera. Move away to a discreet location and you can monitor birds swooping in for a bite at the feeder in real time on an iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices or computers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

When you see a bird you want to photograph or capture video of, just hit the virtual button on the Bird Photo Booth’s companion app, and you’re done.

The device was invented by ornithologist Bryson Lovett, and while it was still a Kickstarter project at the time of this writing, it was on its way to meeting its pledge goal. If all goes as planned, the Bird Photo Booth is expected to ship in March 2013.

Price: $149