Object of Desire: BlackRapid’s The Shot & The Cross Shot

September 25, 2014

By Dan Havlik

BlackRapid’s innovative, sling-style camera straps are not for everyone. Some photographers simply don’t like to be slung into these cross-body straps. For traditional camera strap lovers, BlackRapid has introduced The Shot and The Cross Shot. Both straps feature a non-slip, molded, rubber grip pad that keeps the strap on your shoulder even if you’re shooting from precarious positions. They’re also equipped with the Lock Star Swivel Hook Cover, to ensure your camera will stay securely locked into the strap while preventing scratching on the bottom of the camera. Both The Shot and The Cross Shot can be worn on either shoulder for ambidextrous usage. The Shot is designed like a classic shoulder strap, while The Cross Shot goes across your chest. The other main difference is The Shot is a set-length strap while The Cross Shot can be adjusted in the back. Though they’re not true sling straps in the vein of BlackRapid’s R-series products, they feature the company’s caribiner-style sliding system, allowing you to quickly and easily bring your camera to your face for a quick shot.        
Price: $34.95 for The Shot; $44.95 for The Cross Shot