Object of Desire: Cam Crate

February 13, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Here’s a rugged, weatherproof camera case that can take a licking and keep you clicking. Called Cam Crate—a Kickstarter project at the time of this writing—this hard shell case for DSLRs is waterproof, mud-proof, crush-proof, drop-proof and it will even float. According to Cam Crate designer Matthew Geyster, the case is life-proof too, as in it comes with a lifetime guarantee. (We’ll hold him to it!)

Cam Crate’s exterior is made of a tough, plastic composite material while its interior has over an inch of padded foam to swaddle and protect your camera. It’s designed to fit a full-size DSLR with a telephoto lens attached but without a battery grip. (A larger, battery-grip version is coming at a later date.)

Just tuck your camera into the crate, seal it by closing the “quick action” door and you can head off into a rain forest for a day of photographing wildlife. If an angry bear steals your Cam Crate, tosses it in a puddle and urinates on it, never fear: Your camera will be protected. (We advise you to wipe off the case before you pick it up, of course.)

Though there are a lot of strong, waterproof crates for protecting gear when you travel—Pelican cases come to mind—Cam Crate’s small size and low profile make it uniquely portable. Hang one over your shoulder and you’re ready to hike the Appalachian Trail. (And we don’t mean that metaphorically.) Just be careful of the bears.