Object of Desire: Camera Cookie Cutters

January 12, 2012

By Dan Havlik

Aw, isn’t this cookie cute? It’s made with one of three widdle cookie cutters shaped like itty-bitty cameras that are sure to make you a star at your camera club’s annual bake sale and jamboree.

The entire Camera Cookie Cutter kit includes three food-safe, BPA-free cutters and stamps to help you create three picture-perfect cookie shapes: a digital SLR, a rangefinder and a TLR (twin-lens reflex) camera. The set comes in a snazzy box and includes a classic cookie-wookie recipe.

Directions are pretty simple: Roll out a sheet of dough, stamp out your favorite camera, bake for about ten minutes, decorate with icing and commence eating. Repeat if necessary. Milk to dunk the cookies in sold separately.

Cost: $17.95
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