Object of Desire: CineMoco

January 15, 2013

By Dan Havlik

Remember the popular CineSkates HD-DSLR dolly system we featured in “Objects of Desire” in 2011? We recently caught up with the inventor of that product, Justin Jensen of Cinetics, and checked out his “next big thing.” It’s called CineMoco, and it’s a motorized dolly and slider for shooting video and time-lapse photography. Think of it as CineSkates with a brain.

Like CineSkates, CineMoco started as a Kickstarter project and easily blew past its pledge goal. While the appeal of CineSkates was its simplicity (three roller-skate-like wheels that attach to a tripod to turn it into a dolly), the modular CineMoco system is a much more sophisticated product.
It includes the SkatePlate to mount your HD-DSLR onto; the SkateTrack rail system for tracking shots; the new V Wheels (though it also works with the old CineSkates wheels); and the CineMoco itself, which is the computerized brain that automates smooth, repeatable movements of the dolly for videos and shooting images between moves for time-lapse photography.

The software that comes with the CineMoco is open-source and Jensen hopes photographers and cinematographers will write their own scripts for the motorized dolly and share them to create a library of pre-programmed movement shots.

Official pricing hadn’t been set yet when we spoke with Jensen, but the basic CineMoco Dolly setup (which includes the CineMoco, SkatePlate and V Wheels) was being offered for a $495 pledge on Kickstarter, while the CineMoco Slider (which adds the SkateTrack and travel bags) was going for $795.

PRICES: $495, CineMoco Dolly; $795, CineMoco Slider