Object of Desire: Cokin PURE Harmonie Filters

June 19, 2013

By Jesse Will

Filters can protect pricey lenses from dust and damage, but until now we’ve never thought of them as, well, sexy. 

Perhaps it’s no surprise that a Parisian brand is the first to turn these necessary but mundane devices into something covetable and chic (note their resemblance to a barely-there bracelet). They’re called the PURE Harmonie series, and Cokin claims the line is the thinnest and lightest on the market, ranging from a thickness of 3.3mm for the Multi-Coated Anti-UV (UV MC), which kills haze and fog; 4.5mm for a Circular Polarizer (C PL), which absorbs reflected light; and 9.5mm for a Variable Density Neutral Grey (ND X) that can block from one to eight f-stops of light without taming vibrant colors. The UV and polarizing filters are available from 37mm to 82mm, while the variable density filters are available in sizes starting at 52mm. So why push for thinness, other than the obvious reason—it makes camera kits look cooler? Cokin says the filters’ light weight (a 77mm UV filter weighs 10 grams) allows for faster autofocus performance, and the thinness can prevent lens flare in certain scenarios, too. They’re compatible with all lens caps.’

Prices: Starting at $45