Object of Desire: Enlight Photo ioShutter

June 14, 2012

By Dan Havlik

This seems to be the year of solutions for triggering your digital camera with your iPhone. We’ve written about a few iPhone app-based shutter release devices already, but the one we’ve enjoyed using most is the simple and seamless ioShutter from Enlight Photo. (Enlight also makes the Orbis ring flash and Frio cold shoe mount, two products we’ve enjoyed using in the past.)

There are actually two parts to ioShutter: the shutter release cable ($70)—with a version for Canon (which also works with Pentax, Hasselblad and Samsung cameras) and one for Nikon users—and a downloadable app for your iPhone. The app comes in two varieties: a free Lite version, that gives you basic but limited control over your camera, and a Pro version, that sells for $10 and offers extensive features for time-lapse photography, bulb control for long exposures, and ways to trigger photos via sound and movement. We recommend splurging for the more robust Pro version of the app.

Setting up ioShutter takes just a few seconds. Connect one end of the shutter release cable to the headphone jack of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and the other to your camera’s remote port. Then launch the app and you’re ready to start capturing photos, creating time-lapse sequences and more just by touching the app’s interface on your device.

A few of the fun features in ioShutter include the ClapToSnap sound trigger, which lets you customize the sound threshold in the Pro version of the app; and ShakeToTake, which lets you choose six motion directions for triggering your camera, the amount of movement it takes to trigger it, delays and other settings.

Prices: $70 (ioShutter Release cable); $10 (ioShutter Pro app); free (ioShutter Lite app)