Object of Desire: ePillow

November 1, 2011

By Dan Havlik

This is one of the sillier products we’ve purchased in the last year, but it’s also one we seem to get the most use out of. The Apple iPad is a great device but no matter how you hold your tablet, it’s hard to get it to sit in a comfortable position.

Enter the ePillow whichto quote a popular saying these days“is what it is.” A pillow, that is. It creates a nice nesting spot on your lap for your iPad or iPad 2. Though it sounds dorky, ePillow has really reduced neck strain whether we’re scrolling through a portfolio of photos or playing Lane Splitter.

The ePillow looks like a regular pillow but a u-shaped vinyl “ledge” on its front holds your iPad in place, either horizontally or vertically. It also has a soft handle on the back that lets you slide the pillow over the handle of a suitcase when traveling, and a built-in pocket to stash headphones, reading glasses or cough drops.

Color choices are pretty bland however: either vinyl black or “chocolate” brown. Go for the brown.

Cost: $30
Further information: