Object of Desire: Fotodix Crystal Camera

July 1, 2014

By Dan Havlik

No, this crystal DSLR camera won’t take pictures but it should capture the attention of photography lovers. Made by Fotodiox, these hand-carved crystal cameras come in two versions: one resembles a Canon ESOS 7D, and the other is designed like a Nikon D90. Both replicas are two-thirds the size of their real-life counterparts and, along with mimicking the form and shape of the original DSLRs, the cameras have finely etched details to represent camera buttons, dials, knobs and settings. The cameras are made of premium-grade K9 crystal with the lens, handgrip, viewfinder, rear screen, and some knobs made of separate pieces of crystal and attached to the main body. They come in a plush, cushioned box, making the cameras a swell gift for the photographer in your life (who might just happen to be you). Along with putting one on a shelf next to your real cameras, you could always buy two of these sparkly ornaments and use them as bookends.

Price: $89

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