Object of Desire: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera

December 16, 2013

By Jesse Will

Fujifilm’s Instax line of Polaroid-like instant film cameras has been going strong since the late 1990s, but if you’re not a fan of the line’s bubbly, toy-like design, there likely hasn’t been a body you’d be dying to carry. That should change with the Mini 90 Neo Classic, which takes on the retro, two-toned, silver-and-black styling of the brand’s mirrorless X Series cameras. When it arrives early next year, the new Mini 90 Neo Classic will sit at the high end of the Instax line, and will have a 60mm f/12 lens and shoot in several modes including Macro, Double Exposure and Bulb, for exposing shots up to ten seconds. The flash is more sophisticated than previous units, and will fire at speeds up to 1/400 of a second. The Neo Classic takes 800-speed Instax Mini film (the photos are roughly 2 x 3 inches), which, although smaller and not as nuanced as The Impossible Project’s Polaroid-format instant film, has the plus of costing as little as one-third the price for each shot.   

Price: $200

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