Object of Desire: Google Glass

May 28, 2013

By Dan Havlik

It’s hard to say, exactly, what Google Glass is because it appears to do so much. And while, at the time of this writing, this wearable computer from Google—it looks like a pair of geeked-out glasses—was still in development, “Project Glass” is starting to appear to be much more than mere vaporware.

Recent demo videos from Google show these cyber-glasses able to capture photos and video, hands free, through voice activation. In one promo clip, we see a Google Glass user who’s able to start recording a point-of-view video on a trapeze just by saying: “OK Glass, record a video.” Later in the clip, a woman covers a child in a giant soap bubble and says: “OK Glass, take a picture” and it snaps it just before the bubble bursts. There are also skydivers recording live video streams with Glass; a point-of-view video captured on a roller coaster just as it crests a big hill; and a guy in a hot air balloon sending an aerial photo to his girlfriend. Whether the glasses will actually work this way in real life remains to be seen but it’s worth noting that Google claims all the footage in these videos was shot with an actual Google Glass product.

But would you wear an augmented reality device that makes you look like a member of the Borg? As we went to press, the company was looking for those types of “creative individuals” to try out Glass before it becomes available to the general public. The catch? There’s a rather extensive application process and you have to fork over $1,500 (plus tax) to “pre-order a Glass Explorer edition.” Prepare to be assimilated.