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    Object of Desire: GoPole Reach

    June 20, 2013

    By Jesse Will

    Compact, lightweight action cameras like those in the GoPro series can nab crisp point-of-view still shots and video from extreme locales and in dicey situations where other cameras just can’t go. But how do you go beyond the standard helmet- or chest-mounted shot? How do you make your “extreme” cam a little more extreme? Mount it to a pole. Setting the camera apart from your body exaggerates the camera’s 180-degree field of vision and enables you to get shots from low to the ground (think, your dog’s-eye-view of a trail) or from overhead (allowing for a full-body shot of you, say, attempting an ill-advised stunt). Early GoPro-ers fashioned these mounts with everything from broomsticks to ski poles, but the GoPole Reach provides a packable solution that’s built to be beaten up. At 8 ounces, it’s extremely portable: Its 17-inch aluminum body telescopes up to 40 inches, and twist-locks allow it to be fixed at any length in between. A dual-compound rubber grip offers a firm hold, and an adjustable wrist strap keeps the pole from flying away if you can’t hold on.

    A couple of warnings: Its three-prong mount only affixes to GoPro Hero cameras, so consider a universal pole mount if you have a Contour or Sony cam. And by taking an action cam off of your chest or body, you’ll have one less free hand, and one more thing to think about. So watch out for that tree.

    Price: $55
    Info: www.gopole.com

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