Object of Desire: Gura Gear Sabi Sack

September 3, 2013

By Jesse Will

Simple in execution but exceedingly utilitarian, this beanbag-like camera and lens stabilizer is intended for the times when a tripod isn’t fast or convenient enough. The Sabi Sack by Ogden, Utah, outfit Gura Gear is composed of two pillows connected by two sewn-in handles that can be positioned at either side of a large, heavy lens, or set below a camera body to provide vibration-stilling support, whether you’ve set the bag atop a Jeep hood, on the ground, or atop a precarious ledge in an arena or auditorium. It’s hand-stitched together from nonslip, abrasion-and-scuff-resistant Cordura fabric. What’s it filled with? That’s the fun (and smart) part. The Sabi Sack comes empty, and zippers provide an opening to fill it with whatever’s nearby—beans, rice, birdseed, maybe all those dollar coins you’ve got lying around—so you determine how firm, malleable, light or heavy you need the bag to be. This also prevents you from having to carry excess weight, say, if you’re traveling by air to a shoot or safari. Two sizes are available: Sabi, at 8 x 8 x 5 inches, and Super Sabi, at 8 x 13 x 5 inches.

Prices: Sabi model is $40; Super Sabi model is $60

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