Object of Desire: Langly Camera Bags

August 23, 2012

By Dan Havlik

When World War II buff and photographer Evan Lane decided to design his own camera bag, he knew what type of look he was going for.

“I have this total attraction to World War II, maybe it was a past-life experience,” Lane says. “And I was like: What if I take this and apply it to a camera bag and make something that’s vintage, military and covert, and something that works?”  

The results are the Langly camera bags, which look as much like the World War II rucksacks that soldiers hauled across Europe, as they do like modern photo backpacks. And that, according to Lane, is the point.

He’s not the only one jazzed by the military-chic style of these bags, which come in two versions, the Alpha and the Delta. Lane posted pictures of prototypes of the bags on his Kickstarter page earlier this year and received more than double his donation goal to launch Alpha and Delta.

Since that successful Kickstarter campaign, Lane has been taking pre-orders for the bags at They start shipping in September/October.

Lane describes Alpha (shown here) as having “a traditional vintage look,” while Delta is “more of an updated version of a rucksack.” An upper compartment in the bags fits a jacket or accessories, while the bottom has room for a camera and three lenses. Meanwhile, a back slot has space for a laptop.

The exterior shell is made from “vegetable tanned leather” and is waterproof. Brass hardware locks everything down and there are vintage-style straps and pockets.