Object of Desire: Leica M-Calendar 2012

January 5, 2012

By Dan Havlik

It’s a new year and time to reassess your priorities. It’s also time to get a new calendar. So why not do it in style with the Leica M-System calendar for 2012? Along with helping you make sense of another challenging year, this beautiful wall calendar should provide you with a healthy dose of inspiration.

No, it doesn’t feature sexy images of classic Leica M-System cameras for every month of the year. (Though that wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.) As part of the now year-old partnership between Leica Camera and Magnum Photos, the calendar is filled with six black-and-white and six color images captured using Leica’s M cameras by a select group of Magnum photographers.

The calendar’s title, “Past. Present. Future.” is also the motto of the Leica-Magnum partnership. Each image in the calendar includes a few words by the photographer who captured it along with info about the camera that was used. Photographers included are Alex Majoli, Richard Kalvar, Bruno Barbey, Martine Franck, Paul Fusco, Alex Webb, Constantine Manos, Rene Burri, Mark Power and Elliott Erwitt. Each photographer in the group has a least one image in the calendar and several feature two.

The Leica M-System calendar comes in a landscape format (approximately 16.5 x 28.3 inches) and, from our sneak peek at some of the images, it looks wonderful. So wonderful that you might not want to mark it up with all those appointments and client meetings you have lined up in 2012.

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