Object of Desire: Leica Ultravid Colorline Binoculars

January 23, 2014

By Dan Havlik

Here’s something for the Leica lover in your life who doesn’t, necessarily, need another Leica camera. It’s Leica’s new Ultravid Colorline collection of quality, compact binoculars in a variety of snazzy colors. Yes, you can get these Leica binocs in black leather trim, but for those who want something a little more distinctive, the Leica Ultravid 8 x 20 and Leica Ultravid 10 x 25 come in leather trim in the following Leica-designated colors: Apple Green, Aztec Beige, Capri Blue, Cherry Pink, Lemon Yellow and Pigeon Blue. The 8 x 20 Colorline binoculars have a close focusing limit of only 5.9 feet, letting you spot pinpoint detail at relatively short distances. The 10 x 25 model has 10x magnification and is designed for viewing subjects at greater distances. And whether you’re using these Leica Ultravid Colorline models to scout wildlife before you photograph it, or just doing a little birding for your own pleasure, you’re sure to be the most stylish person on your next safari with these colorful binoculars.

Prices: $945 for 8 x 20 version; $995 for 10 x 25 version


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