Object of Desire: Light Blaster Slide Projector

January 8, 2014

By Dan Havlik

Here’s a clever photo accessory that looks like a traditional lighting tool but is not exactly a lighting tool at all. Yes, the Light Blaster might resemble one of the many light-shaping devices flooding the accessory market these days, but it’s got a unique trick up its sleeve. It’s actually a slide projector. But not just any slide projector; the Blaster is designed to enhance your images. Sandwich the device between any Speedlight strobe and an SLR lens, pop a slide or home-printed transparency into the Blaster, and it will shoot the image onto a background or directly onto the subject you’re photographing when the strobe is fired. The result is an eye-grabbing effect either overlapping your subject, such as in a portrait of a person, or floating in the background for added depth. And because the effect is not created through software but through a quick blast of your strobe, it looks three-dimensional and real. In some examples, we saw the Light Blaster turn a boring, white backdrop in a home studio into an out-of-this-world scrim, filled with patterns, texture and light for a unique fashion shoot. Different lenses will produce different results: a wide-angle lens will blast a graphic onto an entire wall, while a 200mm lens will let you, for instance, paint a blazing heart on a model’s chest or a fiery teardrop on her face. The Light Blaster is certainly not for every photographer, nor is it appropriate for every shoot, but it can turn a lifeless photo session into something punchy and pleasing for your edgier clients.

Price: $99

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