Object of Desire: Livestream Broadcaster

June 15, 2015

By Greg Scoblete

“Pics or it didn’t happen” has become mantra of skeptics in the Internet era, but Livestream’s Broadcaster goes one better. This unassuming red box is actually a live broadcast encoder for streaming video footage from your camera to Livestream’s popular webcasting site. The Broadcaster plugs into your camera’s HDMI output to encode video for live-streaming over its built-in Wi-Fi connection. You can monitor your bitrate, battery status and wireless connectivity settings through a small LED on the side of the mini, but the Broadcaster can also pair with mobile devices (Android and iOS) for remote control. The Broadcaster is available in two flavors. The Mini (pictured here) offers two hours of battery life and Wi-Fi streaming at up to 4Mbps for a 1920x1080p30 signal—and you do have the option to lower both resolution and frame rate to accommodate smaller bandwidth. The Pro version provides an Ethernet port for higher bit-rate streaming, plus a dual-band Wi-Fi connection, mic input, headphone jack for audio monitoring and a longer, 3-hour battery. The Broadcaster has a three-in-one mounting system so you can slide it onto a hot shoe, screw it onto your camera’s ¼-20 socket, or strap it to the camera. 

Price: $495 (Pro); $295 (Mini)