Object of Desire: LockCircle

October 7, 2011

The LockCircle is proof that you can make anything look snazzy if you put your mind to it. In this case, it’s an aluminum camera body cap for your digital SLR. Yes, that’s pretty much all it does but it does it with style.
The cap was originally only available for Canon DSLRs that accept EF mount lenses, but LockCircle recently announced it would be releasing an F-mount version for Nikon cameras. The metal cap has a knurled edge and a finger-fit design—resembling an old rotary phone—that lets you lock it in even if your hands are greasy after eating a plate of BBQ ribs. It’s available in Silver, Titanium, Black and “Extra Spicy.”

When LockCircle is firmly in place, it will protect the inside of your DSLR from dust, moisture and errant barbecue sauce. When it’s not in use, it also makes a handy paperweight or a shot put for weaklings.

Cost: $99
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