Object of Desire: Logmar S-8

November 6, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

While A-list filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan have managed to keep Kodak’s cinema film business afloat, a father-and-son duo in Denmark have embarked on a more ambitious, if smaller, gambit: a new Super 8 (8mm) camera. It’s been decades since anyone has brought one to market, but film cassette aside, the Logmar S-8 bears little resemblance to its ancestors. Powered by an ARM Cortex M3 processor, the S-8 promises to banish Super 8’s notoriously jittery footage with a fixed pressure plate and precision registration pin that locks film securely during exposure. Film is advanced using a Maxon DC motor so precise that frame rates are programmable down to four decimal places, from 16 to 56 frames per second. The camera features a C-mount for interchangeable lenses, and there’s a flip-out, side-mounted LCD for framing your scene or navigating the camera’s menu. The S-8’s creators have also paid particular attention to audio capture. A lip-synchronous audio sound file (16-bit/48 KHz) is recorded per take onto an SD card with the time and date stamped in the file for syncing in post-production. It sports a 3.5mm microphone jack, a Neutrik XLR jack with phantom power and a headphone jack for monitoring audio. And if you needed another reminder that you’re no longer in the 1970s, there’s built-in Wi-Fi and a USB port. Logmar plans to release Wi-Fi remote-control apps for Android and iOS devices and support the camera with firmware upgrades via the USB port.

PRICE: $5,500 (direct, body only)