Object of Desire: Lomography Konstruktor

September 10, 2013

By Jesse Will

If you’re an analogue junkie looking for cheap thrills, order this build-it-yourself camera kit and unbox it the next time your shoot rains out. The Lomography Konstruktor is a fully functioning 35mm compact SLR that’s operational once you’ve spent an estimated two hours assembling it from 41 parts. Most of its plastic parts—including a 50mm f/10 lens, fixed 1/80 of a second shutter and collapsing hood viewfinder—either clip together or are affixed with tiny screws (be sure to lock the cat in another room). And yes, a tiny screwdriver comes with the kit. Detailed instructional videos are available on the Lomography website, but to maintain a fully analogue experience, we advocate using the included black-and-white manual. Once you’ve built the Konstruktor, you can spin standard 35mm film through it and hope for Lomo magic to happen (light leaks, trails, shots that are just slightly out of focus) or you can force the magic by multiple-exposing frames of film. The Konstruktor might not make you a better shooter, but building one with your kid is a cool, interactive way to explain how photography happens. And it might just give you a little more respect for the guys that built your Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Price: $35
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