Object of Desire: Lowepro Event Messenger Bag

June 7, 2012

By Dan Havlik

We’ve made the switch from big photo backpacks to sleek, over-the-shoulder bags for any assignment that doesn’t require more than a few hours to shoot. Because really, what’s the point? A camera body and a couple of lenses are often all you need and a discreet, light bag attracts less attention.

Our current on-the-go favorite is Lowepro’s Event Messenger, a bag that takes its name from those messenger bags you see slung over cyclists’ shoulders as they dart in and out of traffic. But unlike those formless, flappy bags, the Event Messenger has a solid structure to it while still appearing inconspicuous. We tried out the largest of three sizes of the bag—the Event Messenger 250—and it’s probably the one you’ll be interested in. It has padded, customizable inserts, and fits a pro DSLR with an attached lens, extra lenses and accessories. There’s also a padded compartment for up to a 13-inch laptop.

The design of the bag is subtle without being dull. It comes in one color, which Lowepro calls “Mica,” sort of a gold/tan/green that’s attractive but not flashy. Other features include a “dual-mode-flap” design that lets you “turn-off” the Velcro fasteners so you don’t cause a ruckus while opening the bag. The Event Messenger also has a shoulder strap with a non-slip patch so the bag will stay put and two expandable side pockets for stashing bottles of water.

$69 (for 250 size)