Object of Desire: Made by SDPNT Camera Lens Bracelets

November 13, 2013

By Jesse Will

Want folks to know you’re a photographer but don’t want to carry a six-pound camera around your neck all the time? May we suggest, then, donning one of these handmade bracelets (cuffs, if you’d prefer) made by Stefaan duPont. The New York City-based shooter crafts each one by hand from the parts of old lenses. He first made the bracelets for friends while on a jaunt around the world, then found enough interest to start offering them for sale. The colored, converging lines on some of the bracelets represent depth-of-field scales; others have aperture markings; and some feature the familiar texture of focusing rings. Most have a circumference of around five inches, but since one side is open, they’re adjustable so one size fits almost all. They’re made from a well-used lens, so each of the bracelets has its own distinct character marks to start; you’ll add marks and dents as you wear them. And luckily, you won’t have to worry about the rental department charging you for those dings. Character, they call it.

Starting at $250

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