Object of Desire: Miggo Strap and Wrap

November 3, 2014

By Greg Scoblete

Think of the Miggo as a shoulder strap with a secret. One minute, it’s a comfortable camera strap, but roll it up over your camera and it transforms into a protective camera case. It’s not a carrying case, so you won’t be sidelining your gear bag just yet, but the Miggo will give your camera that much more protection inside the bag, or if you need to place it on the ground. The Miggo is constructed from Neoprene and soft Lycra to protect your DSLR from inevitable bumps and bruises. A tiny inner pocket holds your lens cap during shooting and the Miggo’s built-in, multi-purpose screw lets you attach your camera to a tripod while still housed in the Miggo. It can’t accommodate larger DSLRs like the Nikon D4, but it fits snugly around mirrorless cameras and “small-to-medium” DSLRs like the Nikon D3200 and D600. The company offers a point-and-shoot version, but due to the way the Miggo wraps around lenses, it does not recommend using it with ultra-zoom “bridge” cameras. The website has complete size requirements, so check first before purchasing—you may need to break out the measuring tape to be sure it will fit snugly. The Strap and Wrap ships in black with a choice of black, red, blue or zebra trim. You can also select their fun Space Zoo or Pebble Road designs for a more stylistic flair. 
PRICE: $50